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In the 21st Century, most traders in big ticket items such as cars, realise that buying should be a pleasant experience as their customers, with the endless possibilities to trade provided by the internet, will simply walk if the old, "put the customers last" attitudes still fester. Unfortunately, this new age wisdom hasn't reached all staff at John Goldy Holden in Midland.

Accompanying my ex wife to buy a new car which could be sign written for her business, neither of us realised the fate that was awaiting us after we'd dealt with the polite young salesperson and had actually signed the offer. We were shown into the sanctum of a woman whose first words were to inform us that she was the most important person in the sales process. Strange that, as we believed the customer was. The woman wasn't polite enough to give us her name or, as we were purchasing the base model, perhaps we weren't worthy to hear it, however the number of gold bracelets that slid up and down her weathered arm as she spoke, together with the large number of gold necklaces that threatened to strangle her, gave it away: we were in the presence of "Goldy" which undoubtedly explained a lot; her air of self importance, the refusal of the General Manager to reply when we wrote a complaint etc etc…

"Goldy" ordered us to sit and we, in a daze, complied. She then attempted to upsell everything from accessories to extended warranties however her aggressive manner and superior attitude meant she was destined to fail. When we pointed out we had another appointment, through pursed, leathery lips, she insisted that this couldn't wait and ordered us to remain sitting. We, of course, insisted on leaving and we could still hear her voice ringing through the corridors accusing us of rudeness and all manner of other things as we walked away.

John Goldy Holden spend a lot of money on advertising. Much of this is wasted if they allow staff such as this woman to deal with the public. We had enjoyed our time going through the buying process with their well trained sales staff but it is a shame that their customer service fell at the last post because of a staff member who was untrained, and whose attitude ruined the whole experience. Be warned: there are a number of Holden dealers in Perth-there's no need to put yourself through this- go elsewhere!

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